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Costs to Study Abroad in Australia Or New Zealand

It pays to know how much higher education costs abroad when you are considering a semester or year of college overseas in Australia or New Zealand. Just like attending college or university in the United States or Canada, New Zealand and Australian college costs will include tuition, books and living expenses, but there are a few additional costs that are special to study abroad programs of which you will want to be aware.

As in the United States or Canada, the tuition that you will pay for a study abroad in Australia or New Zealand program will vary by university and the program you will study. In general, a bachelors degree in Australia or New Zealand will run from $11,000 to $23,000 in United States dollars, depending on the area of study selected. Specialized degrees such as a Bachelors degree in Veterinary Science will cost from $19,000 to $40,000, while a law degree will average from $17,500 to $36,000. Masters degrees, as is the case in the United States and Canada, are more expensive, ranging from $13,000 to $27,000 for the two years course of study, with an additional two years of PhD level study costing between $2,500 to $25,000. A medical degree from Australia or New Zealand can average anywhere from $35,000 to $50,000, whereas an MBA comes at a cost of $17,000 to $50,000.

There are other costs involved with college in Australia or New Zealand that you would not ordinarily have at a home college or university. Prominent in this category is the student visa. The student visa allows you to legally study in the foreign country, and may also allow other privileges such as working in the host country and access to health care, but this varies by country. Student visas are less expensive for New Zealand than Australia, with the Kiwi visa available from zero to $170 United States dollars, and the Australian visa ranging from $450 to $515. The good news is that with a student visa in Australia or New Zealand, you are allowed to work up to twenty hours per week during the academic year and can even work full time during breaks between semesters, to help defray costs.

Other ordinary costs for books and living expenses should be added in when you consider the cost of study abroad new zealand, according to a 2007 cost comparison, was the least expensive country for student living expenses, coming in at $8,958 United States dollars per academic year. Students studying in Australia can expect to pay $11,322 annually, while American students pay the most at $12,362 per year. If you plan on additional travel or take part in entertainment, you will want to allocate additional funds for this purpose. Books in both countries range approximately $500 per year. Roundtrip airfare will run around $2,000.

For additional help in finding funding for your study abroad in Australia or New Zealand, contact your college financial aid office.

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